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This area is for use by Limited Partners of the funds managed by MML Capital Partners only.

MML Capital Partners uses PEARonline, a secure, web-based service for investor reporting. PEARonline allows investors to access reports, accounts and other fund information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and additionally gives investors access to all other funds that report through the service from a single site with a single username and password.

To log in to PEARonline, please follow this link. If you would like to gain access to information on our funds through PEARonline, please contact Alison Jackson at

If you have any questions about PEARonline or need any support using this service, please contact PEARonline on +1 408 740-5226 or email

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The backing of MML has enabled Regard to completely reshape over the last seven years so that we can provide care in the form that it is needed where it is most needed. Secure funding is essential to providing the standards of care demanded by service users and regulators. With Montreux and Macquarie Lending now behind us we have the depth of backing needed for the future. Sandie Foxall-Smith - CEO at The Regard Partnership


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